While women are founding more than 50 per cent of businesses

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replica bags paypal Inside the prison replica bags blog visitor room, down a crackly phone line that separates visitors from inmates, Araibi said he was trying to stay replica bags 168 mall strong but he was losing hope.Hakeem al Araibi in replica bags nancy shackles.Photo: AP”Why did they put chains on my leg? I’m not an animal. It made me feel sick,” he said, urging the Australian government to keep fighting for his release.Meanwhile, in Bangkok, Canberra, Melbourne, London and Zurich an intense lobbying campaign was under way to free the footballer.In Bangkok, the key players included Araibi legal team, led by Nadthasiri Bergman, the Australian born Evan Jones from Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network and Phil Robertson from Human Rights Watch. It was kept quiet at the time, but Bergman worked for free for more than a month before money was found by the Australian football community to help pay her.Australian embassy staff worked to free Araibi from the moment on November 27 that he 7a replica bags philippines was detained because of a Red Notice that should never have been issued.In Melbourne, the Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights campaigners Fatima Yazbek and Yahya al Hadid were also working hard while his club, Pascoe Vale FC, worked to raise awareness of the case.Refugee footballer Hakeem al Araibi arrives back in Melbourne.Photo: Joe ArmaoIn Canberra, Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, not to mention the Department of Foreign Affairs, were also working on the case, making phone calls, taking meetings, writing letters and issuing carefully worded public statements.There is now talk about an inquiry in Australia into the federal police role in notifying Thailand about Araibi arrival in Bangkok, and whether the automated system of Red Notice notification is fit for purpose.In London, Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei from the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy was looking for new ways to prove Araibi simply could not have committed the crime (vandalising a police station) that he was convicted of in Bahrain in 2012, because he was playing in a televised football match.Related ArticleAl Araibi Detainment did they put chains on me? I replica bags ru not an animal Hakeem al Araibi speaks from prisonThe Australian football community, led by Craig Foster, who became the public face of the campaign, and who shuttled between Australia, Bangkok and Zurich, worked with World Players Association president Brendan Schwab and fellow former Socceroo Francis Awaritefe, who is the vice president of the players union FIFPro, to pressure FIFA over the case.Piece by piece the campaign came together replica bags paypal.