Consumers, having no more booze to fill the holes in their

Since these are power hungry components, the Area 51m has plenty of vents all around, including some massive, hexagonal shaped ones underneath the laptop. The ones setup in the demo area were running quite cool and silent but then again, this was in an air conditioned space so the real challenge would be to see how it copes with our perpetually tropical climate in India, especially after overlooking it. Last but not least, the 17.3 inch IPS panel seems to have good brightness and we didn’t encounter many reflections, thanks to the matte finish.

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With the onset of Prohibition, American alcohol companies abruptly found themselves looking for a new line of work. They already had lots of bottles and refrigerated trucks, so the easiest pivot was to slingin’ soda and ice cream. Consumers, having no more booze to fill the holes in their souls, sought comfort in the surplus of sugary goodness suddenly available..

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March 27 Hunting for a man wanted for armed robbery and attempted car jacking, Calgary police track the suspect to a garage in the city. As they approach the burning structure, shots are fired and an officer is struck. The remaining officers return fire.

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