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A Windlass is an apparatus used to lift and move heavy objects. In the context of ships, it is utilised to control the anchor chain so that the anchor may be raised or lowered, or can even control a fishing trawl. As with every Windlass, it takes advantage of a winch like function to operate, which can be rotated with use of a crank or belt to pull a cable or rope..

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Some brands have actually found the solution. Besides the usual suspects like Nike, Apple, and Harley Davidson, there’s North Face who is now providing a great example with its “Never Stop Exploring,” campaign. Then there’s Corona’s “Find Your Beach,” and Chipotle’s “Cultivate a Better World.” If you look closely, you won’t find one declarative “we” in ideas expressed by these brands, no brags, no boasts just a clearly stated value or a belief in what the value as important.

The personal essay is more than a diary entry for the masses. You probably don’t want people to read your journal as is, but chances are, having a literary magazine say that they want to publish your feelings, opinions, and observations sounds pretty darn good. The trick is to move past the egocentric style of a journal entry to create a narrative tale others can relate to.

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