Our culture tells us that your value ESPECIALLY as a woman

For me it means to pursue the life I want. Becoming MGTOW was also a way for me to deal with toxic relationships. For me it has nothing to do with hating women. I was merely pointing out that the mediocrity argument applies more to management and marketing and less to engineering. The real reason is that they have been under market pressure to keep squeezing more space and efficiency from their 737 platform to the point that the size and power of engine has made the plane unstable in various flight conditions. So they throw technology at the problem to add more and more safeguards..

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Last hand I got outplayed. Flopped trips with KT and he ends up getting value on all 3 streets, showing KJ. He was a good player and I should have recognized it in hindsight but I was just like “I gotta call folding is too exploitable”. It has been a long NFL season, but the Super Bowl finally arrives. The two top teams in the league have made their way through the grind of the regular season and the intensity of the playoffs. Now, it’s time to see who will come out victorious.

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But that not what you said. You said a tortoise is a turtle, which is not true unless you okay with calling all members of the turtle family turtles, which means you call Odontochelys, Australochelys, and other reptiles turtles, too. Which you said you don okay to just admit you wrong, you know?.

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