announcement adds significant scale and diversity to Telus

this impeachment poll has zero good news for trump

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wholesale nfl jerseys Vancouver based Telus says it has agreed to acquire Competence Call Center (CCC), a business services provider of with a focus on customer relations and management and content moderation.Telus says the deal, which consists of debt and equity, adds to the valuation of its international arm, bolstering the case for an initial public offering targeted for the next 12 24 months.Canadian telecom complaints soar to a new recordTelus increases dividend despite profit declineTelcos face revenue headwind as unlimited data plans catch onDarren Entwistle, president and CEO of Telus, said in a release Wednesday that the company is pleased to welcome Competence Call Center employees and customers into the Telus family.Entwistle says the merger will positively impact the financial and operational strength of Telus, supporting the advancement of its broadband networks in Canada as well as customer service.The acquisition will result in a sizeable diversification of Telus International operations is wholesale jerseys legit and client base in Europe, with 50,000 employees in 20 countries across North and Central America, Europe and Asia, the release said.announcement adds significant scale and diversity to Telus International, Entwistle said.Founded in 1998 in Austria, CCC is headquartered today in Berlin. In fiscal 2019, CCC is expected to report revenue of approximately $450 million. may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. wholesale nfl jerseys

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