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As per the scheme, Next Radio will set off the accumulated losses of Rs 108.5 crore against its equity paid up capital of Rs 159.3 crore.In an interview with CNBC TV18, Next CMD Tariq Ansari said the move would increase free reserves and enable dividend payment.Next Radio operates radio operations under the Radio One brand.Ansari added that he expects the radio business nike on field jersey nfl to outperform industry growth significantly going forward.Below is the verbatim transcript of Tarique Ansari interview with CNBC TV18’s Mangalam Maloo and Reema Tendulkar.Mangalam: Your main business right now is Radio One and the Bombay High Court has approved this scheme of capital reduction. What does that mean for the books of the holding company who takes the hit and also this creates room for some dividend payout. How much of that can ensue in the next one year?A: It is like that the capital reduction has taken place in the subsidiary company.

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On his next mission, Robert will be challenged to the culinary version of speed dating. He will have just seven hours to create a date friendly meal for 100 speed daters. The catch? Just like the speed daters who will be set up with several matches in order to find the perfect mate, Robert will be set up with several ingredients in order to make the perfect meal.

cheap nfl jerseys The Senate on Thursday night passed controversial legislation that overhauls the environmental review process, a bill that is likely to draw court challenges and remain a topic of discussion as campaigning for the upcoming federal election heats up.must say that I fairly comfortable supporting Bill C 69 as it stands today, especially because it may be one of the major issues in the next election campaign, said Eric Forest, an independent senator from Quebec.Though it was staunchly opposed in the energy sector, the bill drew support from mining trade organizations.C 69, which passed 57 to 37, has a broad range of consequences and was designed to ensure that companies moving forward on major construction projects have a licence. Let’s make their suggestions permanentI’m on the Bill C 69 committee and I’m hearing a lot of angry CanadiansTo that end, it creates new requirements for public consultation including on climate change, gender and other issues. But it also has broader consequences, including the creation of a national Impact Assessment Agency that will oversee project evaluations.The legislation grew out of a Liberal campaign promise in 2015 to overhaul the environmental review process; and earlier this nfl on field jerseys nike month, Senator Grant Mitchell, formerly leader of Alberta Liberal Party and now sitting as an independent, said that C 69, which he sponsored, replaces an environmental review process that had stopped working.had failed to get critical projects built, Mitchell told the Senate on June 17. cheap nfl jerseys

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For the eleventh consecutive year, the cost of an F 35A was lowered. The F 35A unit price including aircraft, engine and fee, is $89.2 million. This represents a 5.4 percent reduction from the $94.3 million it cost for an F 35A in Low Rate Initial Production Lot 10 (LRIP 10)..

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